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2021    Elisabeth von Leliwa | Dominik Susteck: Contemporary Organ Music. Cologne organ mixtures 2005-2021

This volume about the festival orgel-mixturen at the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne is intended to be more than a commemorative publication. Because not only has the original festival week expanded into larger concert cycles over the past decade and a half from 2005 to 2021, it also formed the basis for fundamental research and rediscovery of contemporary composing for the organ.

The focus is on topics related to composers:

Initial ignition of contemporary organ music
György Ligeti and Mauricio Kagel

New simplicity and customization
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Wolfgang Rihm and Adriana Hölszky

East Germany and West Germany
Jörg Herchet and Hans-Joachim Hespos

Tradition and identity: Japan, Korea, Israel
John Cage, Toshio Hosokawa, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Isang Yun and Gabriel Iranyi

Gravitational fields of Essen and Cologne
Gerhard Stäbler, Gerald Eckert, Dominik Susteck and Tobias Tobit Hagedorn

In addition, Frank Kampfer reports on the composers in residence at Kunst-Station Sankt Peter and Deutschlandfunk 2008-2021: Péter Köszeghy, Luís Antunes Pena, Joanna Wozny, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Jamilia Jazylbekova, Martin Schüttler, Jung-eun Park, Anna Korsun, Eres Holz, Julián Quintero Silva, Oxana Omelchuk, Simon Rummel and Zaneta Rydzewska.

Are Verlag   (Are 2283 ISBN 978-3-924522-83-4 Schriften zur Neuen Musik Band 1)

2021    Irene Kurka: neue musik leben.
The book of the podcast volume II.

Interviews with: Florence Millet, Frederik Göke, Barbara Haack, Johannes X. Schachtner, Silke Aichhorn, Lars Werdenberg,
Salome Kammer, Kerstin Petersen, Christina C. Messner, Gerald Eckert, Moritz Eggert, Tabea Zimmermann, Nikolaus Brass
and Manos Tsangaris

Are Verlag   (ISBN 978-3-9245-2282-7)
  2021    Ingo Dorfmüller: "Another fall of light"

in: CD-booklet (Gerald Eckert "chroia")

Kreuzberg Records   (kr 10149)
  2021    Gerald Eckert: "Spuren"

in: CD-booklet (Natalia Solomonoff "Tarjo")

Ambitus   (amb 96 976)
  2020    Beatrix Wagner: "außen, von tief innen"

in: CD-booklet (Gerald Eckert "absence")

mode records, New York   (mode 320)
2018    Gerald Eckert: "Raumaspekte" (Aspectos del espacio) 

in: "lecturas"  - escuchas periféricas -

the book contains also texts by: Th. Beimel, O. Budón, M. Franciosi, C. Mastropietro, C. Mello,
C. Morales Ossio, W. Rüdiger and N. Solomonoff

© 2018, suono mobile   
2016    Katalog: "Regionale 3"

the catalogue contains also works and texts by: A. Beste, M. Brandt, H. Brumme, G. Hinz, S. Klick,
I. Kusche, S. Kutschke, M. Malmberg, D. Schlagheck, a.o.

© 2016, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Europe of Schleswig-Holstein   
  2016    Egbert Hiller: "aesthetic qualities of edges and remains"
- on the music of Gerald Eckert

in: CD-booklet (Gerald Eckert "on the edges")

mode records, New York   (mode 288)
  2016    Jörg Meyer: "The abundance of nothingness"

in: CD-booklet (Gerald Eckert "on the edges")

mode records, New York   (mode 288)
2014    Katalog: "Nahtstellen", (ink)-drawings, scores

The catalogue comprises essays from Gordon Kampe, Jörg Meyer and Gerald Eckert

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbrücken  (ISBN 978-3-89727-510-2)
2013    "An den Rändern des Maßes -  Der Komponist Gerald Eckert"

edited by Gisela Nauck

with texts from Johannes Bauer, Gerald Eckert, Meret Forster, Stefan Fricke, Boris Hofmann,
Dirk Homrighausen, Andreas Jacob, Jörg Meyer, Matteo Nanni, Gisela Nauck, Saskia Reither,
Wolfgang Rüdiger, Julia H. Schröder and Beatrix Wagner

384 S., publisher:  Wolke Verlag, Hofheim  (ISBN 978-3-936000-61-0)
  2009    Gerald Eckert: "Geometrie der Perspektiven"

in: newspaper 4'33'' of the Network Contemporary Music, Berlin October 2009
  2009    Gisela Nauck: "Randgänge. Zur Klangästhetik von Gerald Eckert"

in: Positionen (contributions to the contemporary music, Nr. 80,  August 2009)
  2008    Meret Forster: "pervading space - defying gravity"

in: CD-Booklet
(Gerald Eckert "chamber music")

NEOS  NEOS 10 811
  2007    Katherine Houghton: "Gerald Eckert" in: "Momente"  

Wachholtz Verlag, Neumuenster 2007
2007    catalogue: "Momente", paintings, paperworks

together with Erwin Doose and Otto Jeschke

Wachholtz Verlag, Neumuenster  (ISBN 978-3-529-02797-1)
  2006    Stefan Drees: "Schattenfülle: Gerald Eckert in Bild und Ton"

in: Dissonanzen (Nr. 94,  June 2006)
  2006    Gerald Eckert: "Gedankenfragment"

in: Positionen (contributions to the contemporary music, Nr. 67,  May 2006)
  2006    Saskia Reither: "seemingly irrevocable"

in: CD-booklet
(Gerald Eckert "Aphel")

edition zeitklang  CAL 13020
  2006    Gerald Eckert: "Über Zusammenhänge" in: "Lichtgeschwärztes"

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken 2006
  2006    Beatrix Wagner: "Bewegungsmomente" in: "Lichtgeschwärztes"

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken 2006
  2006    Dieter Schnebel: "Zu Gerald Eckerts musikalischer Graphik"

in: "Lichtgeschwärztes"

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken 2006
  2006    Nicolaus A. Huber: "Mehr als Schwarz und Weiß - Gedanken für Blicke"

in: "Lichtgeschwärztes"

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken 2006
2006    catalogue: "Lichtgeschwärztes", drawings, photographs, scores

PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken  (ISBN 3-89727-319-0)
  2004    Matteo Nanni: "Über das Ende",

in: CD-booklet (Gerald Eckert "des Nichts, verlorene Schatten"),

col legno WWE 1CD 20231
  2004    Matteo Nanni: "Gerald Eckert", in: Komponisten der Gegenwart

(composers of the present)

part nr. 27, June 2004
  2002    Gerald Eckert: "Aspects of the fold" in: Polyphony & Complexity,

edited by: Mahnkopf, Cox, Schurig,

Wolke Verlag, Hofheim 2002
1995    catalogue of own paintings and drawings: "Ölbilder -Tuschezeichnungen"

(Bochum 1995)  published since 2005: PFAU-Verlag, Saarbruecken  (ISBN 3-89727-297-0)